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Topics You Should Discuss With Your Moving Services

A good moving company can eliminate a great deal of the stress of moving. They can free up from the massive task of loading, unloading and transporting your belongings. However, you can’t make the assumption that your moving company will immediately be aware of your requirements. So, here are a few important topics you should discuss with your moving services company.

Is Packing Included in the Moving Services?


Many moving companies are not just simply a supplier of moving trucks; they offer a full moving services package. This may include providing moving supplies and professional packing. If packing is a part of the service package, you will need to check pricing and if there are any specific items that the moving team will or will not pack. You may want to discuss the task if you plan to pack some items for yourself. In this scenario, you will need to be organized and ensure that you make it clear beforehand what belongings you would like the packing team to handle.

Your Pets:

Although your pets are likely to travel with you, they can still impact the moving process. Therefore, it is a good idea to discuss the topic with your moving team. Whether your movers will be loading moving trucks or moving containers, they will need to be aware if there are pets on the property. It is a good idea to keep your pets in one specific area of your home and remind the moving team on arrival where your pets are. This should reduce the risk of injury, heightened stress and escaped pets.

Do You Need Multiple Stops?

Some moves are relatively straightforward; taking belongings from one home and delivering them to your new home. However, some moves require multiple stops and many moving companies are only too happy to accommodate. For example, you may wish to drop off or collect items from a storage facility during the moving process. If you do require multiple stops, you should discuss this with your moving team as soon as possible. There may be an additional cost involved. You should also remind the moving team on moving day to ensure that they are aware of any additional stops.

Are There Any Restricted Items For Transport?

Some moving companies have certain items that are not permitted to be carried or transported. Some movers have no problem transporting plants or foods, while others refuse. There are federal laws that prohibit movers from transporting hazardous materials, so fuel, bleach, and other items will need to be disposed of before the move. A good moving company will provide you with a list of prohibited items, but if you are unsure it is best to clarify before moving day.

If you are worried about clarifying all the details of your move with your moving team, speak to Lead Distance Movers. We can not only connect you with some of the best moving companies in the industry, but we can also use our expertise to assess your needs and ensure that the moving company is aware of any special requirements.

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