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Special Treatment Items

Tips for Moving Special Items

One of the most stressful parts of moving is the worry over transporting delicate or special items. Items such as pianos, antiques or other higher value items can be high value, difficult to replace and delicate. Moving special items requires additional care and consideration to ensure that it reaches your destination without difficulties or damage.

Proper Packing for Moving Special Items:


The most vital consideration for moving special items is proper packing. Fragile and delicate items need to be well protected in order for them to survive relocation without damage. Larger special items, such as instruments, can be a challenge since they need to be well protected, but this can add to their unwieldiness. However, there are some packing tips to ensure that your special items are adequately protected.

Don’t skimp on padding: When it comes to your fragile items, there is never enough padding. Smaller items can be padded with packing paper, peanuts or bubble wrap. Larger items may need moving pads to wrap and protect the legs or other protrusions.

Don’t allow tape and plastic contact with surfaces: Delicate surfaces can become easily damaged by tape or plastic. The temperature extremes in a moving truck can cause plastics to fuse to the surface of your piano, pool table or other finished items, causing irreparable damage.

Use Moving Blankets: Moving blankets and clips can be used to wrap your larger items. This can provide an additional layer of protection under moving wrap.

Consider Disassembly: If possible, consider disassembling any items. By removing furniture legs or other protruding elements, you can reduce the risk of banging and damage.

Choosing the Right Mover:

Another important aspect of moving special items is choosing the right movers. There are moving companies who specialize in moving more specialist items. For example, while appliance movers may have the expertise to disconnect and protect your appliances during a move, they may not have the experience and skills to look after antiques or artwork. Therefore, it is important to choose the right mover to suit your specific needs.

Finding the right moving can be a daunting process. Fortunately, Lead Distance Movers is ready to help. There is no need for you to spend hours researching company reputations and obtaining references. The Lead Distance Movers team uses their industry experience to seek out the best moving companies including those who specialize in moving particular items such as instruments, antiques, artwork and even pets. We only connect our customers with moving companies who offer a high standard of service and an assurance of customer care. We research thoroughly the companies who want to work with us to ensure that our customers will enjoy complete service satisfaction.

If you are considering moving special items, there is no need to feel stressed or anxious. The Lead Distance Movers can connect you with a company who specializes in transporting special items and ensuring that you obtain adequate insurance coverage. We understand that while sentimental items and some antiques cannot be replaced, insurance coverage will provide the funds to make repair attempts should the unforeseen happen.

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