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  • Interstate Moving

    Whether you have been presented with a new career opportunity or just want a new start, moving to a new state can be a very challenging prospect. Moving interstate is more complicated than a local move as you may wave goodbye to your worldly possessions for days or even weeks when they are shipped by your moving company. An interstate move can be a logistical nightmare, so you need to ensure that your plans are carefully considered. Fortunately, Lead Distance Movers is available to give you some helpful advice.

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  • Why Choose Specialist Cross Country Moving Companies?

    If you are considering interstate moving, you may wonder why you shouldn’t just choose any old local moving company. After all, if they can move you locally, is it so different to move long distance? The simple answer is yes. Many local companies cannot offer the same insurance coverage as specialist interstate moving companies. This means that your items may not be covered should any damage occur during transit.

    Additionally, a longer move requires greater packing protection. Your delicate items will need to be carefully packed to minimize the risk of damage. Long distance movers have the expertise and experience to assist you with packing up your belongings to ensure that they are safe and secure during transit.

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  • The Challenges of Finding a Specialist Company

    While it is possible to call in and speak to a local moving company in person, this is not always feasible with a specialist moving company. Many people struggle to gauge a company’s standards and service without speaking face to face. While there are online resources available to research your options, this can be a very time consuming process. This means that you may worry that you could be trusting your belongings with a company in whom you don’t have complete confidence.

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  • How Lead Distance Movers Can Help

    Lead Distance Movers takes the uncertainty out of finding interstate moving companies. We use our industry experience and expertise to seek out the best companies in the industry. Every move has its own particular characteristics and challenges, so we ascertain your specific needs by taking some of your details. We can then determine which companies from our panel of respected movers can meet your requirements. Choosing the right company is one of the most challenging aspects of interstate moving. With Lead Distance Movers, you can have confidence that you will only be paired with moving companies who are suited to your particular needs.

    Whether you are traveling a thousand miles, moving to the next state or going across the whole country, there is no need to go it all alone. Instead of trying to navigate this massive task alone, let Lead Distance Movers help. We can match you with the moving companies with the skills and expertise to make your move as stress free as possible. We can connect you with companies who can move you safely, with total security. By accessing our network of specialist movers, you can have complete confidence that your move is in the best hands.

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