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About Us

Lead Distance Movers aims to be a problem solver. We sympathize that moving is a stressful process and you need someone to help make this easier. Lead Distance Movers is an online company established to help our customers make a connection with the companies that are best suited to your particular needs. We can help with both commercial and private moves, and we also specialize in sensitive projects such as moves involving pets, artwork or instruments.

Our Company Summary Experience:

Our company summary should highlight that we have the experience of thousands of moves. This experience has made us appreciate that every single move is unique and requires special assistance. Moving is a time consuming and stressful event, which is why many people dread even the thought. We understand that you will have more on your mind that simply packing some boxes. We aim to alleviate some of your stress by helping to pair you with a moving company you can rely on and trust.

How We Can Help You:

We eliminate the need for you to spend you precious time searching to find a reputable moving company. We appreciate that planning a move means that your time is especially precious and you won’t want to waste those hours making phone calls and waiting for moving companies to call you back. Lead Distance Movers aims to not only help you find a moving company but match you with the right moving company. We assess the specific requirements of your move and search our database to offer you a selection of reputable companies who match your particular needs.

Who We Work With:

You can have complete confidence that we will only pair you with moving companies who have the experience, expertise, and skills to ensure that your move is as free of stress as possible. We only partner with companies who have a fantastic reputation for delivering excellent customer care. We spend a great deal of time researching the reputations of moving companies and ensuring that they meet our high standards of service. We use our industry contacts and experience to determine the expertise and skills of each moving company, so we can match you with the companies best suited to your unique needs. So, before you start to stress about your move, contact the team at Lead Distance Movers.

If you are in need of a moving company, don’t spend precious hours or days trying to research the best companies. The Lead Distance Movers team will assess the unique requirements of your move to determine which company from our panel of experienced professionals has the expertise and skills to best assist you. Whether you are moving locally or have plans for an interstate move, have special items such as instruments or artwork, or you need help with your packing, we can match you with moving companies that are best suited to your specific needs. So, get in touch with Lead Distance Movers, and we would be delighted to help you to make your move as stress free as possible.

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