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Our Experience Moving Inter-State

My husband had the opportunity of a good job in another state some way from here. I too have found a good job, and our two daughters have got great new schools.  The only problem was how to get there.  We found a good firm with some solid advice on how to pack for a move. We found their tips to be very helpful. Moving is indeed very stressful.


Right Boxes


First thing, get the right boxes.  There are special containers designed for the job.  They will all be a standard size.  Odd boxes from the grocery are not a good idea.  For a start they will not be strong enough.  Plus, packing them in a truck means there is a chance they will all start moving around when the truck starts moving.

Foam Plates

A really good tip was using foam plates. Make a sandwich, with two of these either side of each real plate or dish.  Bubble wrap and torn up newspapers could be used to fill in the gaps, but foam plates are a great way to keep your plates safe.

Kitchen Utensils First, Bedroom Packing Last

There are different types of moving services, and you may find residential moving a real problem, but think logically.  We instinctively wanted to pack all the obvious stuff like books first.  No, you start with the kitchen.   We had all those large frying pans and odd shaped woks, microwaves and much else. Do this difficult stuff first.  We were told, if you don’t, then you cram all your kitchen stuff in at the end, this is how it could get damaged.

So why do you do your bedroom packing last?  You get to your new home; everybody is very excited but also very tired. So out comes the mattress and the bed frames. The girls get set up in their beds straight away and fall asleep.  You do afterwards with your husband.

Different Types of Moving Services

We only moved locally before, and that was before we had kids. Now we are a family, everything builds up.  The girls have all their dolls.  We have all our new furniture, plants from the nursery and no end of clothes.  There is quite a difference between making a local move and the three- day journey we undertook.

You really need a good company that can help you and take the stress out of the business. We found

Moving services very useful.  You have to really look at the different types of moving services to ensure that your needs are met.

Understand how long distance operates.  Once we knew we were moving, we started planning months in advance.  We had to really sort out all our old junk, sell it on, give it to charity or just throw it out.  There is the insurance as well. Make a list of everything, make sure it is all properly accounted for.