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How to Make Moving Fun


Moving should be fun, but for most people its emotional. It’s no easy thing to leave your childhood home behind. But the preparation for moving and the moving process should be fun in an organized way. Here are some tips to help you move with ease. First and foremost, accomplish your preparation at least a week before you actually move. This will create a stress- free environment and no last minute panic. For example, you’re just packing the night before you move and you forgot that some friends borrowed your clothes or some school things from you. It may sound silly, but also true. Don’t limit your focus to things in your home. Check everything and to make it easier, write an item checklist for the stuff you want to bring and those you don’t.

Transport Dilemma

Whether you’re moving to a place, you’re going to need moving truck services. You can choose between a truck rental where they give you a truck, you take care of the loading and unloading and of course driving. That is a tough task ahead. If you did go with the truck rental make sure to plan a meal schedule for you and your family. You can either map out your stops or check for places to eat along the way. Even better, you can pack your own meals. Just make sure to ask what they want to eat. You can also avail of a self-service mover service. The company will give you a truck and a driver. This is a lot easier, but you need to take security measures. Have someone accompany the driver along the way. Not that you don’t trust him, just to make sure. Also remember to assign speed dials to people whom you might assistance from, like the moving company, relatives or close friends.

Moving Help Companies

If you don’t have the time to take care of the packing, loading and all other stuff, you can hire professionals to do it for you. You can avail of a full professional moving service. The company will do everything for you and will keep your belongings secured. Just make sure to do a background check before hiring a company. Don’t be another victim of people who pretend to be moving men, but are actually robbers. For trustworthy moving help services, do your research.

Moving Cost

Some companies have their own calculators on their website to calculate the amount you will be spending to avail of their services. Moving services can be costly but a big help. So it’s up to you to think of ideas on how to lower the price rates. Local services go from $25 – $30 per hour. Moving help for long distances ranges from $1000 – $5000 dollars, depending on the distance.