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Top Packing Tips to Maintain Your Sanity During Your Move

Moving appears to be deceptively easy. After all, it is simply a matter of packing up your belongings, loading it into a truck and unpacking at your new home. Is it really all that difficult? Once you have moved home, you will immediately realize that moving can actually be a very stressful process that can drive you to the edge of your sanity. Fortunately, there are some packing tips and tricks to help you maintain your sanity.

Don’t Get Boxes From the Grocery Store:


Although moving can be a costly process, getting free boxes from your local grocery store can be a false economy. Firstly, these boxes are designed to transport groceries not your precious belongings. This means that they tend not to be very sturdy, so you risk the boxes tearing if you try to fill them with anything that has a significant weight. If you do find sturdy boxes, they are likely to have contained heavy bottles, which means that there could be an unpleasant residue that could affect your items. Additionally, you may find that you waste hours searching around grocery stores for just the right size of box to accommodate your belongings. A better idea is to obtain proper packing supplies to ensure that your belongings have adequate protection during the move.

Use Foam Plates:

Many of us buy in a pack of foam plates for our final meal in our old house once our crockery has been packed. However, foam plates can be a useful tool when packing your dishes. Most of us understand that it is a pain to use newspaper or bubble wrap for individual dishes. Instead, save some time and frustration by using foam plates as a pad between each dish. These are far less labor intensive and will provide a decent amount of cushioning.

Pack Kitchen First and Unpack Bedroom First:

When you actively start the packing process, you may make a start with your closet or bookshelves. These items are easy to pack and will usually slot into nice uniform sized boxes that stack nicely. The problems occur when you start to pack up your kitchen. Most people tend to have no idea just how much space they will need to transport all the items in their kitchen cabinets. Even if you have emptied your pantry in the days before moving, you are still likely to have pots and pans that are an awkward size and shape, along with all the other kitchen items lurking at the back of your cabinets. So, the best way to properly pack is to start with your kitchen. This will give you an idea of how many boxes you need and how much space will remain in the moving truck.

However, when you reach your new home, unpacking your kitchen first is not the best idea. A better idea is to start with your bedroom. Moving is a tiring process, and there is nothing worse than wanting to flop into bed and being unable to find your bed linen, clothing or other essentials. Set your bedroom up first before you start unpacking anything else, so you know that once you have expended your energy, you will have somewhere comfortable to sleep.

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