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What You Should Toss or Put in Portable & Self Storage


Whether you are planning on moving or just want to create some space in your current home, portable and self storage provide an excellent option. However, if you want to avoid filling your storage with clutter, Lead Distance Movers have some tips and advice on what you should toss and what you should keep.

Should You Put Clothing in Portable & Self Storage?

Most of us are guilty of having items of clothing tucked in the back of our closets that we never wear. Whether it is a pair of jeans that we are determined to fit into or a shirt that is too casual to be formal and too formal to be casual, most of us have made some questionable wardrobe choices in our lives. However, this doesn’t mean that we should keep every item of clothing we’ve ever bought. While portable & self storage can be an excellent option for out of season clothes, be realistic. If you haven’t worn these items of clothing for years, will you ever?


If you are one of those people who has kept every scrap of paperwork for the last decade, then you need to have a serious spring clean before loading up your storage unit. Paperwork contributes to a great deal of clutter, and when you seriously start to look through it, you may be surprised at how much can be immediately tossed. Expired coupons, old papers, bus timetables and other scraps of paperwork have no real value, so there is no need to keep them. Unless you love scrapbooking, you don’t really need to keep old party invitations and other such paperwork.

Christmas & Seasonal Items:

These are items that are ideally suited for storage. You will only need them for part of the year, so you can ensure that they are safe and secure. Check through your boxes to ensure that any delicate items are adequately protected and seal up any boxes or packages carefully to protect from dust. Label the boxes clearly, so that when you need them, you can find them easily. If you have ready access to self storage, you can use your unit for any off season items; keeping your garden furniture and summer outdoor equipment in storage in winter and winter sports gear or Christmas decorations stored in summer.

Temporary Storage:

If you are planning on moving, storage can be an ideal way to keep some of your excess items safe and secure. This can be invaluable for staging your home, as excess or large pieces of furniture can be moved out of the home to create an illusion of space. Many people use portable storage as a temporary measure during the moving process. There are specialist companies who can deliver a unit to your door, so you can fill it up at your convenience.

Whether you are moving home or planning on selling your home and are in need of portable & self storage, Lead Distance Movers is available to help. We can connect you with moving companies who can also offer professional packing services and portable & self storage.

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