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How can I make moving easier?

Ways to Make Moving Easier by Getting Your Kids Involved


Moving home can be a stressful time, but it can be made even more challenging if you have children hanging around the house; bored and irritated. However, by getting your kids involved in the moving process, you can immediately find ways to make moving easier. So, here are few tips and tricks to get your children involved and out of mischief during your move.

Think Age Appropriate:

Children of all ages, apart from grumpy teens, enjoy being involved in almost everything. Before you discourage your children from a task, you need to think about an age appropriate way they could help you. You will need to supervise your children, particularly if they are younger until you are confident that they have learned this new task.

Even smaller children can help with packing up, and you can give them a sense of responsibility for packing their own toys and cleaning out their closets. Older children can help to clean rooms as you go, so everything is kept neat and tidy. It is worth having a few smaller boxes on hand, so they are not too heavy for children to carry.

Delegation and Teamwork:

If you leave a child completing a task and move on to doing something else yourself, they may feel alone and start to become discouraged. However, you can make your child feel more involved by delegating part of a task. For example, they could help you by pulling items out of cupboards while you pack them in boxes. Or you could pair your children into teams to complete a larger task.

Consider Rewards:

Even the grumpiest of teenagers is likely to be willing to help if there is something in it for them. A reward system can ensure that everyone feels happy about helping out and it is one of the best possible ways to make moving easier. The rewards could be something tangible or something related to after the move. For example, you could tell the children that if a certain number of tasks get finished by 5 pm, the family can go out for pizza. Or you could reward your kids with an item to decorate their bedroom in the new house. A funky new lamp or a new toy box will not only make their new room feel more homely but will remind them about what an important role they played in the best house move. Even if money is a little tight because of relocation, some small rewards are still the best way to move house as a whole family.

Even if you can get your whole family involved if you are still concerned about packing and getting ready for your move, remember that Lead Distance Movers is ready to help. We aim to match you with a moving company who is perfectly suited to meet your requirements. We can assist you by connecting you with a moving team including professional packers, to ensure that your move preparation and the day itself goes as smoothly as possible.

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